Switzerland, Australia agree to automatic tax info swap

First such agreement for the Swiss BERN, SWITZERLAND – Australia has the  honour of being the first country with which Switzerland has agreed to automatically exchange tax information. The two countries initialed the agreement in Canberra 3 March. “In accordance with their commitment to the Global Forum, Switzerland and Australia intend to start collecting data […]

Show time in Switzerland: homes, cars, watches

Something for everyone at the Geneva Motor Show, given the 9,000 new cars on display

Thursday is the big day: car show runs 5-15 March GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – The Geneva Motor Show is about to begin, with 700,000 people expected to head for Palexpo in Geneva – but crowds are also heading for Lausanne to the home and garden show, Habitat Jardin, 7-12 March, and soon to Basel for the […]

A weathery kind of week

Lake Geneva weather10_020315

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – Geneva and Canton Vaud woke up to a blustery, weathery kind of Monday 2 March, with wild rains followed by high winds that sent clouds of all varieties scuttling across the sky. Vaud workers and schoolchildren came back from their week of ski holidays to what looks like wild March weather. Expect […]

Drones and anti-drones, the talk of Geneva

John Kerry, Human Rights Council, Geneva, 2 March 2015

Kerry-Lavrov meeting reports: hope for Ukraine solution GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – International meetings of a “sensitive” nature in Geneva and Montreux are behind a ban on drones in several parts of cantons Geneva and Vaud during the month of March. It’s the first such move, taken by the cantons with the Federal Aviation Department. Human Rights […]

The Jewels of Paradise by Donna Leon


GENEVA, SWITZERLAND / BOOK MY PLACE – Caterina soon learns that their rapacious instincts have been aroused by the suggestion that there is a treasure available [More] …

Cryptic crossword No 248 by Chalicea

No 247 solution

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND / BOOK MY PLACE – Eight clues are of a kind and have wordplay only [More] …

Ski injuries: gravity and rate unchanged in 10 years

Skiing, relatively safe despite the crowds

Swiss ski slopes see 87,000 injuries each year GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – The rate of injuries from skiing and snowboarding has remained virtually unchanged for the past decade at 3.2 per 1,000, shows a new study by bfu, the Swiss competence centre for accident prevention. The accidents are registered when the skier seeks medical help after […]

El Gizouli named Acting IPCC Chair

RK Pachauri, photo by Marshall Niles

Pachauri resigns as climate head amid sexual harassment charges GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – Rajendra Pachauri has denied any wrongdoing and says his email and mobile phone were hacked, in response to an investigation in India into sexual harassment charges, the BBC reports. The head of the Geneva-based IPCC nevertheless handed in his resignation, effective today, to […]

French chase drone-flyers

drone USA Homeland Security

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – For the second night in a row, at least five drones have been spotted over Paris at night, in areas considered sensitive, for example near the US Embassy. Authorities managed to film some of them Tuesday night, and are now searching for the people behind them. Drones cannot be flown in urban […]

Switzerland, Italy sign tax deal

Financial advisers not responsible for clients’ crimes BERN, SWITZERLAND – Switzerland and Italy will have a new tax deal protocol that implements OECD standards and states that financial advisers who have not committed crimes themselves are not responsible for the tax crimes of their clients. It also addresses numerous tax issues for cross-border workers. The […]