Cryptic Crossword No 270 by Chalicea

No 269 solution

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND / BOOK MY PLACE  – If you prefer to work on the interactive version or to print a pdf of the crossword, click on this LINK. Across     7  The proverb says that when problems arise, this mate is 16/5 (13, four words)     8  Solitary cantos I’m changing (8)     9  Lean style? […]

Latecomers by Anita Brookner

Brookner Latecomers 001

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND / BOOK MY PLACE – Who hasn’t read Anita Brookner’s Hotel du Lac. I was intrigued to find Latecomers on the library shelf, a novel I hadn’t encountered. It has the same detailed scrutiny of the way individuals create their state of mind. Two couples are the subject of the novel.Two Thomas’s met […]

News break

GenevaLunch news will start again when I’m back from Cuba 10 August. Enjoy your summer! – Ellen

Crossword No 269 by Chalicea


GENEVA, SWITZERLAND / BOOK MY PLACE  – If you prefer to work on the interactive version or to print a pdf of the crossword, click on this LINK. Across     1  Mass of frozen material that permanently covers a large area of land (6)     4  Last Anglo-Saxon king of England (6)     9  Island state […]

Friends in High Places by Donna Leon

Donna Leon Friends in High Places 001

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND / BOOK MY PLACE – Time for my monthly virtual trip to Venice with another of Donna Leon’s crime thrillers. I find it astonishing how many areas of Venetian culture she manages to explore as the backdrops for her finely crafted stories. The story begins, this time, when a rather unprepossessing young man […]

Obama’s Diplomacy (Chappatte cartoon)

Obamas Diplomacy_Chappatte_180715

©2015 Chappatte, distributed by Globe Cartoon. More cartoons on Chappatte’s web site. Geneva-based Patrick Chappatte works for the International New York Times, for Geneva newspaper Le Temps, and for NZZ am Sonntag. All cartoons reproduced with permission.

Ellen’s bicycle diaries: fear of falling

Queen of the mountain

Right turns, spills, speed and sun GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – A bonus I get from sports, when I get around to doing them, is that they force me to face some of my fears. If you’re an athlete, a confident and regular cyclist, you can stop reading now. I injured my knees skiing nearly 20 years […]

Holidays, vacations and wine: where’s the limit?

wine bottles chilling Greece_060715

Summer vacation time is here and with it comes more alcohol than usual for a lot of people – beer on the beach, seaside aperitifs then dinner with wine, parties with bright cheery drinks. Take a minute to prepare yourself by knowing how much is enough and what your limits should be. A great source […]

A lot cookin’ this weekend (besides you)


GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – Hot, hot and hotter – again. MeteoSwiss today issued a series of new heat wave warnings for the plains in the west and much of the Alps, with temperatures expected to stay well above 30C for most of the coming week. Late Friday and Sunday we might have a bit of rain […]

Half-fare card holders to get train cash

view from the train Aigle autoroute_100715

SBB/CFF to give card-holders CHF10 bonus BERN, SWITZERLAND – Swiss rail company SBB/CFF will be mailing a coupon for CHF10 to all holders of half-fare cards, in August. The money is part of a package of cuts for train travelers that were agreed to in August 2014 by the federal price watchdog and the UTP, […]