Proposal to make it easier to hire disabled persons

Bern, Switzerland (Le Matin/ats, Fre) – Employers’ groups, organizations that work with the disabled and the Swiss Confederation have published a plan to make it easier for employers to hire people with disabilities, particularly those with physical handicaps. "Job-Passerelle" (Job Passage) would allow employers to hire people for one year and receive government aid during this period. Employers say they currently run up against difficulties hiring disabled persons because of higher insurance rates and uncertainty about the ability of the person to stay in the job. The new proposal would cover these risks but, says the group, voters would need to approve the fifth revision of the AI (Assurance Invalidité, or federal disability insurance).

The OECD (Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development) in a 2006 report on innovation in Switzerland noted that the country needs to do more to get disabled people into the workforce.