That’s just a little Picasso in my bag, sir

picasso_sketchbook_zurich.jpgZurich, Switzerland (GenevaLunch) – It’s not every day that customs officials pull someone over and find several Pablo Picasso sketches in a bag.

A “traveller” whose details are not being shared by customs was pulled out of the “nothing to declare” line at Zurich Airport and asked to open a bag. There sat 14 sketches, made during May and June 1971 by Picasso.

Since the drawings carried no information, customs officials called in experts from an auction house to evaluate them: their worth was set at CHF30,000 to CHF310,000 each.

The bag whose contents were worth CHF1.2-17 million was confiscated and no information has been provided about the bag’s owner, who risks being fined for breaking three sets of laws: customs regulations, sales tax regulations and removing cultural goods without permission.

Meanwhile, Swiss customs is remaining mum on details, such as whether it was a man or a woman, where they were coming from or going to, and where the sketchbook has been, not to mention the possibilty of theft.