Versoix Chocolate Festival 2009 meets astronomy and scrapbooking

Swiss chocolate

Updated 13:00  Versoix, Switzerland (Genevalunch) Versoix’s fifth annual chocolate festival holds some surprises this year, apart from the traditional artisan chocolate displays. Thirteen of the chocolate makers are presenting works with an astronomy theme for the international year of astronomy.

Swiss and French chocolates, part of local lifestyle

Other stands will offer the chance to taste and buy chocolates from French-speaking Switzerland and neighbouring France, where chocolate consumption is a favourite activity: in 2008 more than 73,000 tons of Swiss chocolate were sold in this country of 7.4 million, and another 3,000 tons were imported from France.

Chocolate and scrapbooks

There will also be a  scrap-booking competition on the theme of chocolate, organized by There are three prizes, to be decided by the public, a specialized jury, and an internet vote.

The festival has grown since its first year from 8 exhibitors in 2005 to 28 in 2009. Attendance also increased from 15,000 visitors in the first year to 20,000 in 2008, according to Versoix cultural services representative Catherine Wyss.

Wyss says it is difficult to forecast attendance this year, but she doesn’t think the economic crisis will stop people who truly appreciate chocolate from coming. The weather could affect attendance as well, but Versoix is expecting a good turnout, according to Wyss.

Where to find the Versoix Chocolate Festival

Place de la Gare, Versoix Saturday 28 March, 9:00-18:00, under a 1000m2 tent. Free entry.


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