Animals run the show this week

cows_to_alps_switzerland_valais_050609This seems to be a week for farm animals to put in surprise appearances. Friday we were driving up the hill to Etoy when traffic was suddenly halted to let several cows cross the road. A couple hours later I was in Valais where we have a chalet and as we arrived the gate of the farm next door suddenly opened and out poured Farmer Bernard’s cows.

“Are they headed up to the high alps right now?” I shouted, for human voices don’t carry well over the noise of excited bellowing cows, especially ones wearing hefty Swiss cowbells.

The men running with the cows shouted back yes. Running is the word, for when the cows see that gate open they kick up their heels, some of them literally, and rush off. They are capable of running at a good trot right up from our 1,100 metres altitude to fields at about 1,800. If you’re driving a car on that road, too bad – best to just pull over, rather than get between a happy but large cow and that glorious field of wildflowers and long grasses she knows is waiting for her.

gentlemen_pig_saint_prex090609I’ll miss those cows, who are now gone until October.

Meanwhile, two pigs came to Saint Prex and charmed many of us as they wandered around the beach, part of the Cirque Helvetia, visiting the village for two days.

Two gentlemen in suits were a bit taken aback to see an unattached pig walk up and sniff them, not an everyday occurance in Saint Prex!

More photos of Etoy cows, Saint Prex pigs and Valais Farmer Bernard’s cows, including his Swiss fighting cows, racing up the road to the high Alps: GenevaLunch photo album, “Farm animals run the show”