On a wing or two and a prayer, baby storks leave the nest


photo © 2009 H Buergermeister

Fribourg, Switzerland (GenevaLunch) – The family of Max, the Swiss white stork that has been tracked by the Natural History Museum of Fribourg for the past 10 years, is growing up: the three offspring born 20 April near the German-Swiss border are learning to fly.

Thursday, 25 June, the first one make a few tentative efforts and then suddenly headed off for a neighbour’s rooftop, where he sat for an hour before nervously flying back to the nest. Mother Max, the father and two other baby birds watched “attentively” reports the museum.

Friday morning all three left the nest and bravely flew around the town of Tüfingen in southern Germany for five minutes before returning home.

See earlier GenevaLunch reports on Max, who has been tracked continually for longer than any other white stork.

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