Travels with Max the stork

Max and mate, June 2009, © Heide Bürgermeister

Max and mate, June 2009, © Heide Bürgermeister

Lunel, France (GenevaLunch) – Max, a white stork born in 1999 and tracked via radio signals in a ring around her leg that are picked up by satellite, is underway again on her yearly migration.

She left her nest in Tuefingen, Germany near Lake Constance last Thursday 27 August, and after a slow start, crossed Switzerland Saturday 29 August and spent the night 30 August in Lunel in the south of France, a flight of 450 km in a day, thanks to northerly winds down the valley of the Rhone.

The question now is whether Max will spend the winter in Spain, which is what she did the past two years, or continue on to Morocco.

Background:On a wing or two and a prayer, baby storks leave nest“, 26 June 2009, GenevaLunch.

Additional source: Fribourg Natural History Museum site