Olympic torch lit, will lead to longest ever national torch relay


Torchbearer, Vancouver 2010 Olympic Games

Lausanne, Switzerland / Athens, Greece (GenevaLunch) – The Olympic torch has been lit in Athens for the 2010 Winter Games that open in January in Vancouver, Canada. The torch will fly to Victoria, British Colombia in Canada 29 October and from there it will begin its trek around Canada’s 13 provinces and territories, a voyage of 45,000 km with 12,000 torchbearers. The national relay is the longest in Olympic history.

The torch relay begins just days after the UN General Assembly adopted the Olympic Truce Resolution for the Vancouver Games.

UN member States are “invited” to “observe and promote peace during Games time in order to protect the interests of athletes and sport in general, and to contribute, through sport, to the quest for peaceful and diplomatic solutions to the world’s conflicts,” the Lausanne-based International Olympic Committee notes.

The medals for the 2010 Winter Games were shown for the first time 15 October. They are circular in shape and based on a large master artwork of an orca whale by Corrine Hunt, a Canadian artist of Komoyue and Tlingit heritage. Each of the medals has a unique hand-cropped section of the abstract art, making every medal one-of-a-kind.