Update: Swiss minaret ban gets “yes” vote

Background on local and national Swiss votes 29 November, GenevaLunch

Update 16:40  Geneva, Switzerland (GenevaLunch) – Swiss voters turned Sunday voted to ban the construction of new minarets in the country, with 57.5 percent of voters approving the initiative and 42.5 percent opposed to it. The vote went along language lines, with Swiss Germans voting for the ban and French speakers voting against, although cantons with both languages, such as Valais and Bern, voted soundly to support the ban.

The result is widely seen as a slap in the face to the government, which has strongly opposed the initiative. But it will also be read as a vote against the current situation of Muslims in Switzerland, say most Swiss media. On the one hand, approving the ban will send a signal that the Swiss are worried about “creeping Islamization”, a phrase that was used by the UDC (right-wing People’s Party) during the campaign, and on the other hand, a signal that Muslim ghettoes are not acceptable, reports Swissinfo. The Muslim population has increased by about 350,000 and is now around 4.5 percent of the Swiss population, according to Swissinfo.

Switzerland set to continue arms exports

Voters rejected by 68 percent, early results indicate, a popular initiative to stop Swiss arms exports.

Geneva says yes to Ceva regional transport, Vésenaz tunnel

The years of debate are over for Ceva, the regional transport system that would link Geneva to Annemasse. Voters approved by nearly 62 percent a CHF113 million credit that will allow the project to go ahead. They also approved the covered tunnel for Vésenaz.

Map of incoming results on TSR: “la carte”

Links to others sites: Le Temps (Fre), Swissinfo, TSR (Fre)


  1. Ron says:

    Maybe the US should try Swiss style direct democracy?

    The Swiss just voted to ban minarets on mosques and this is a great exercise of their unique form of direct democracy regardless of your views on the subject. But my question is why do the Swiss get to overrule their politicians and parliament and here in the US, we don’t have that right?

    Let’s bring Swiss style direct democracy to the United States so Americans can vote on the Wall Street bailouts, government health care, whether to audit or abolish the FED, or require Congress declare war before we invade another country. Read why Switzerland is free and America is not and help restore citizen control over the US government and Congress currently under control of special interests.

  2. Ali says:

    I am a Muslim living in the west, if you guys detest us like this then let me propose a swap – all of us can go back home once your occupation armies evacuate from our countries. I guess no more oil for now and all Muslim governments and rich people should withdraw all their money and cease all business with Swiss banks and all dealings with the Swiss government.

  3. Anthony says:

    Right on Switzerland. The people have spoken. I am happy you put cow-bells before foreign religious symbols. Protect your own culture, you have every right to do so !

  4. KB says:

    Unfortunately your Muslim brothers who have decide to wage Jihad against the west determined to instill Sharia Law where every they invade have hijacked your peaceful religion. The Swiss vote is a backlash to the fear that these terrorist have created. They have succeeded. It is time to take your religion back from these people.

  5. Max says:

    Swiss people and laws are very tolerant and democratic. However they have shown that they will not tolerate the intolerants. People who support sharia, amputations, stoning must not be allowed to flourish in Switzerland and in any other democratic countries . I respect Islam , I respect Muslim people who are tolerant but not the extremists . It is time for tolerant Muslims to make their voice heard so we see and understand the real face of Islam . The ball is in your court

  6. Al says:

    Bravo to those who voted against “Minearets”. Long live Swiss democracy.

  7. Samantha says:

    You Muslims did not say anything when ur extremist brothers
    caused The Destruction of the Buddha Statues in Bamiyan Afghanistan.

    But now only a BAN creates a great Concern for u people.

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