Dog tax deadline is here

Old lady needs a 2010 pet ID dog tag

Old lady needs a 2010 pet ID tag

Geneva, Switzerland – If you are a dog owner in canton Geneva you should know that 1 April is the deadline to register your pet, pay the dog tax you owe and get your new, 2010 official-ID dog tag. Yes, the deadline falls on April fools’ day but this is no April fools’ joke.

After 1 April if your dog is found with the old, 2009 gray tag, you may be subjected to a fine. It is best to head for the dog tax office with CHF107 and request the new 2010 black tag. Not all canine taxes are the same. Some communes charge less, or more, than what the city of Geneva charges. You might get a reduction on the dog tax, depending on how many dogs you have.

Before heading out the door to pay your tax, make sure you have the following:

  • A photo ID
  • A certificate of pet responsibility insurance which can be bought from your insurance agent
  • A current vaccination record, and
  • The Anis registration card (which certifies that your pet has a microchip ID).

Canton Geneva has specific laws for dogs considered as dangerous. These must be registered with local authorities, pass a behavior training course, and the animal must wear a muzzle in public.

Whether dogs are considered dangerous or not, they are not allowed to enter certain public areas in the canton and the city.

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  2. JoAnne Jurkiewicz says:

    I will be relocated to Geneva next summer from U.S. with my Flat-Coated Retriever. I am search for areas the allow dogs off the leash and dog parks.

  3. Laila Rodriguez says:

    Dear JoAnne,

    I am sorry for the delay in responding but I have been away for the past three weeks.

    First of all, welcome to Geneva!

    To find out more about pets, including off the leash parks, etc., click on the “pets” button at the top of this page.

    Should you have further questions, do let us know and remember to visit us once you settle in Geneva!



  4. KK says:

    Thanks for the details about what to bring. It would also be helpful to indicate where to bring it – i.e. where is the “dog tax office” located? Maybe a link, so one could check opening hours as well?

  5. Laila Rodriguez says:

    Dear KK,

    Thanks for reading. Please click on the “head to the dog tax office” highlighted in blue. You will navigate away from GenevaLunch to the Canton’s business office. Their address and phone numbers are there.