Weather and crosswords: GenevaLunch gives you more


Lake Geneva area and Swiss weather: daily forecasts now on GenevaLunch

Geneva / Lausanne, Switzerland ( – GenevaLunch is doing more to keep you happy, and among our latest additions aretwo that will please many readers. Starting today we are providing weather forecasts from the Swiss national weather service, MeteoSwiss. You’ll find icons for Geneva and Zurich at the top of the home page. Select either one and you’ll land on the weather forecast page, where we will also frequently post current weather photos from the Lake Geneva region.

If you have weather photos you’d like to contribute, we’re happy to consider them:

Crossword fans are already busy working on our new feature, crosswords created specially for GenevaLunch by Shirley Curran, a regular contributor to our winter ski reports and the person behind our book blog, Book my place. The crosswords appear on the blog. Shirley is an accomplished creator of general knowledge and cryptic crosswords for several UK publications, going under the pseudonym of Chalicea. You might want to start with this one, but don’t peek at the answers, of course, provided this week.

Our blogs are changing: two of them have new names to reflect their new focus. Geneva Living is where Laila Rodriguez, who is also a news reporter for GenevaLunch, shares her tips on life in the city. Now that she has four  years in Geneva under her belt she decided it was time to change her blog’s name, formerly called New to Geneva? Me too! And Jared Bloch is focusing more on one of his real passions, anything and everything that has to do with wheels, so Man oh man is now called, not surprisingly, Wheels enthusiast.

We have new people lined up to contribute guest blogs on a regular basis, so you’ll get to know their voices on a variety of topics, and we’ll be opening up some of the other blogs to regular contributors.

And if you enjoy photography, you may have noticed our four GenevaLunch group flickr photos, which change frequently thanks to a group of 70 regular contributors.

You’ll see other changes in coming weeks, but for now, don’t forget to check the weather (tip: set your umbrella by the door for morning).