Fun and free: Ice hockey match, flea market and mountain biking

Geneva Servette Hockey Club defeats Zug 5 April (photo, ©Piotr Sweck/GSHC)

Geneva, Switzerland (GenevaLunch) – Fun-and-free activities are popping up this weekend in Geneva and I can’t help but share them with GL readers.

On one side of the city: skaters, sticks and a puck; on the other, a huge flea-market and street fair; and a mountain biking competition in the middle of town!

Geneva ice hockey team announces free pre-season game

The Geneve-Servette ice hockey team is hosting its last friendly of the pre-season, and celebrating that their season tickets are selling at record pace, by giving free entry to all children under 16 years of age. Adults (17 and over) will only have to pay CHF10 per ticket.

The game is on 5 September at 16:00 at Sous-Moulin (Trois-Chênes) against the Rögle BK, a Swedish professional ice hockey club.

Tickets go on sale on 4 September from 10:00 to 12:00, or right before the game on 5 September.

Mountain biking in the Old Town

Pedal through the cobbled streets of the Old Town and race down to Bastions Park, or simply watch others do it. The Grand Prix VTT takes place Saturday 4 September starting at 15:00 with a kid’s race, followed by the women’s competition and closing with the Grand Prix at 18:30.

Registration is open to all. Or just enjoy the day watching the dare-devils race down the steep cobbled streets of Geneva.

Street fair and flea market

After a summer break, the Ville-est-a-vous returns. This time the party is in Jonction. Music, food and a 10-streets flea market open to all characterizes this huge street fair.

Only two more fairs remain, Champel on 18 September, and the mother of all neighborhood parties: the Rue-est-a-vous in Paquis on 18 and 19 September.

Enjoy Geneva this weekend!


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  1. FJ says:


    Very interested in the flea markets coming up, mostly for vintage clothing. I was wondering how I would go about selling my old clothes to vendors at the flea market..?

  2. Laila Rodriguez says:

    Dear FJ,

    First of all, thanks for reading GenevaLunch!

    The market is open to non-professional vendors only thus I doubt you will be able to sell your things to one of the people setting shop (after all they will be there to get rid of their own things). However, setting up is free, open to all and fun! All you need to do is get there early (… and I mean early), set a blanket and sell!

    Follow the link to the event and you will see a map with the streets where you are allowed to set up shop.

    There’s no sign up, no schedules to keep, you can leave at any given time!

    Let us know how you do.