Max the banded white stork basks in Madrid

Max's 2010 winter migration path

Fribourg, Switzerland (GenevaLunch) – That Swiss symbol of seasonal changes, Max the white stork, confirms what every parent of school children has suspected for the past two weeks: summer is really, truly over. Max has headed south in her annual winter migration.

Max is the world’s longest banded tracked stork, followed by the Natural History Museum of Fribourg for 10 years.

She suddenly left her summer home near the Swiss-German border 8 September and headed southwest across France to Spain. She arrived in Madrid 14 September, Tuesday, where she has been relaxing since.

All bird-watching eyes are now on Max to see if she opts for a winter in Spain or if she decides to head to yet warmer temperatures in Morocco, as she has done some years.

Max is a cover girl this month, featuring on the front of the Swiss bird magazine Nos Oiseaux.

Don’t book your low-cost cold weather flights yet. Max may yet give us more clues about the best places to winter.