Vaud’s banned hooligans list grows to 50 since July

Two new additions after Lausanne-Basel match set early-season example, say Vaud police

(video) Lausanne, Switzerland (GenevaLunch) – The hooligans cell of the Vaud Police Department has issued a “perimeters” ban against two Lausanne Hockey Club (LHC) fans, following an ice rink ban issued by the Hockey Club Bienne (HCB) against the two after they caused post-match damage in April in Bienne.

The new ban brings to 49 the number of hooligans given perimeter bans by Vaud authorities since 1 July 2010, when the bans became cross-sport: the two cannot approach any football stadiums or hockey rinks in Vaud.

Cantonal bans can be enforced country-wide, effectively banning the two from all hockey and football arenas throughout Switzerland, for an indefinite period.

“We’re sending out a message at the start of the hockey season,” Vaud police spokesperson Jean-Christophe Sauteral told GenevaLunch. “There are no borders. We want to make it clear that we’re working with other cantons, that we’re all working together.”

Vaud has a relatively small population of hooligans, who cluster around Swiss National League A teams in Zurich, Zug, Basel, Fribourg and Geneva, for example. But the problem, says Sauteral, is Swiss-wide and police are working more closely together than in the past.

Sports clubs can ban hooligans from their own stadiums or rinks, with a national extension for their sport, but the bans don’t carry the weight of law. Seventeen Vaud hooligans have been banned from stadiums and ice rinks in Vaud since July. The sports clubs share the information with police, who can take a ban to the next level: breaking a perimeters ban is a criminal offense under Swiss law.

The two LHC fans were tracked and investigated by the Bienne police hooligans cell, which transmitted information to Lausanne. The two are men, age 20, Swiss and members of the “Ultras” fan club Section Ouest 93. They explained their actions by saying they were down about their team’s loss to Bienne 24 April, and they were provoked by Bienne fans.

They have each been issued a two-year ban.

Swiss Hockey is launching a “respect” campaign for the start of the season to encourage better behaviour on and off the ice:


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