India’s population now 17% of world total

Female infanticide appears to continue

India’s census results were published Thursday 31 March, showing that the country is now the world’s second most populous, with 17 percent of the world population. India officially has 1.21 billion people, compared to China’s 1.34 billion.

India added 181 million new people, but the Guardian notes that the census commissioner told reporters in India that growth has slowed. “C Chandramouli, the census commissioner, told reporters in Delhi that the new count showed population growth in India had slowed. The 17.6% increase was down from 21.5% recorded in 2001.”

The child sex ratio has worsened in India in the past 10 years, the Times of India points out,”indicating that female feticide and infanticide remain rampant. Provisional data released by the census office for 2011 shows that the child sex ratio (0-6 years) has further declined to 914 girls for every 1,000 boys as compared to 927 in 2001.”

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