Geneva schools asked to alert parents as measles outbreak spreads

Ed. note: the second paragraph has a mistake and we are waiting for the corrected letter from canton Geneva. It should read: Family members will be immunized (not vaccinated).

Geneva, Switzerland (GenevaLunch) – Parents of children in canton Geneva schools will be asked to ensure their children are fully vaccinated against measles, with 80 cases now reported since January.

Several of those who have become ill were hospitalized, says cantonal public health doctor C-A Wyler Lazarevic, who has sent a letter to schools through the Department of Education.

GenevaLunch has obtained a copy of the letter, reproduced in full here. Note that a person is only fully immunized if he or she has had the disease or had two vaccinations, not just the initial early childhood shot.

Geneva’s current outbreak is an extension of the measles epidemic that began in France in late 2010 and which is still not under control.

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Measles, photo: US Center for Disease Control




  1. Vierotchka says:

    I can only entreat all parents of unvaccinated or partly vaccinated children and adolescents as well as unvaccinated young adults, who have not had measles to have them or get vaccinated as soon as possible. As a child, I almost died of measles, it was not a pleasant experience at all and I missed several months of school.

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