Muehleberg nuclear station latest protest site

Muehleberg peaceful anti-nuclear protest (©2011 Herbi Ditl,

Bern, Switzerland (GenevaLunch) – Swiss anti-nuclear groups are continuing to call for an end to nuclear power plants, with the latest in a series of peaceful protests taking place Tuesday 26 April at Muehleberg.

An estimated 500 people formed a human chain around the centre from 07:00 to 08:30, but workers were allowed to enter the plant.

A human chain around BKW, which owns the Muehleberg nuclear power plant in Switzerland, 26 April (©2011 Herbi Ditl,

The protest was supported by the Socialist and Green political parties, as well as several groups, including Greenpeace. It marked the day 25 years ago when Chernobyl became the world’s worst nuclear accident, with an explosion and fire at the power plant in Ukraine that spread radioactivity across much of Europe.

The Bernese power station received a vote of confidence from citizens in February, who agreed to plans to rebuild the aging plant, but after Japan’s post-earthquake Fukushima nuclear problems Switzerland’s energy minister, Doris Leuthard, called a temporary halt to all nuclear power plant construction.

The groups protesting in Bern have set up a camp in front of the offices of BKW, which owns Muehleberg, and say they will stay there until the plant is closed down. The city of Bern is currently tolerating their presence.

Ed. note: Herbi Ditl on flickr has a collection of photos of the camp as well as protests


  1. Samantha L. says:

    Nuclear power plants is now predominant in most urbanized countries but with just one single mistake, this can take away thousands of lives.