The cost of leaving Libya: IOM and Bangladesh settle on figure

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – The International Organization for Migration (IOM) in Geneva and the Bangladesh government have worked out a programme to reimburse the country’s workers who fled Libya, with help from the IOM. Each of the 36,500 workers forced to return to Bangladesh will be allocated $680 in repatriation funds, the IOM says.

More than one million people have fled Libya since February, when the conflict began there.

The IOM to be reimbursed $12.6m

“The agreement, financed by a $40 million World Bank loan to Bangladesh signed in May, will also reimburse to IOM  $12.6m – the repatriation costs of 10,000 of the nearly 31,000 Bangladeshi workers that IOM flew home during the early days of the crisis, mainly from Tunisia and Egypt,” the IOM announced 13 June.

The IOM is currently finalizing its database. The grants will be disbursed starting in mid-July, with the IOM responsible for establishing a database of all those returning, verifying their documents and transferring money to their banks.