Libya: Tortured maid found inside Hannibal Qadaffi’s compound (video)

LIBYA – Hannibal Qadaffi’s name is back in the news after western reporters say to have found evidence of “inhumane treatment” of his staff at his compound.

The son of  Libya’s leader Muammar Qadaffi, who won his lawsuit for defamation of character brought against the Geneva newspaper La Tribune de Genève and the city of Geneva, and who said would continue to insist “on an international tribunal to clear his name,” could have been hiding a maid that, seemingly, was brutalized by his wife.

In 2008, “Hannibal,” as he is known, was arrested at a luxury hotel in Geneva on charges of abusing two of his domestic staff. The servants later dropped the charges against him.

CNN correspondent Dan Rivers, seems to have found further evidence that abuses against staff at the Hannibal’s household may be widespread. The reporter found a 30-year-old Ethiopian maid, Shweyga Mullah, who says she was brutally tortured by Hannibal’s wife and was later forbidden from receiving medical treatment.

Hannibal Qadaffi and his father are still on the run.

Warning: The CNN report includes graphic content.