76 drug arrests in Nyon area

Marijuana bust in Nyon, several arrested

NYON, SWITZERLAND – Vaud Police say they have arrested nearly 80 people, part of a ring of drug dealers who have been supplying consumers in the St Cergue-Nyon region with marijuana and ecstasy plus some other drugs.

The ringleaders are a Swiss couple, ages 20 and 21 but the group also had some ties with the refugee centre in Nyon, which has been raided in the past for drug busts.

The group’s youngest person was 14, the oldest 57.

Marijuana crops growing in Arzier and St Cergue were uncovered, with an indoor growing centre in St Cergue financed by the mother of one of the buyers.

The investigations ran from June to December 2010, when the arrests were made.