Parliament calls for Swiss army to guard Tripoli embassy

UN ends approval of foreign military intervention

BERN, SWITZERLAND – The political security commission of the upper house of parliament is demanding that the Federal Council move as quickly as possible to replace the private security firm guarding the Swiss embassy in Tripoli with a Swiss army unit. The commission said late Friday 28 October that it does not consider the current arrangement adequate; worse, it is embarrassing for the country, with an army unit ready to be deployed the moment the embassy re-opened 15 October.

The private security firm was hired because the government failed to settle a disagreement between the foreign affairs department and the defense department over how the embassy should be guarded, according to the commission.

The embassy was closed in February when the conflict in Libya began to heat up.

The United Nations said Friday it will end its authorization for foreign intervention in Libya, now that the Qaddafi regime has fallen and the transitional government is in place.