Two new names for old train stops in Geneva

More evening trains on weekends on the newly renovated track 1 out of Geneva

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – Check your train schedules carefully in the next few weeks if you’re used to stopping at either Cointrin or Vernier-Meyrin on the Geneva-La Plaine route, for both are changing their names.

The stops’ new names go into effect with the new CFF Swiss rail schedule 11 December.

Cointrin will in future be called Vernier and Vernier-Meyrin will be called Meyrin, at the request of the canton.

One of the reasons behind the change is to avoid confusion on the part of travelers heading for Geneva Airport, which used to be called Cointrin Airport.

It changed its name officially to Genève Aéroport in April 2011.

Other changes for Geneva travelers:

  • a fast train from La Plaine to Geneva will be added in the morning, when the trains carry students heading to school, leaving at 07:11 and arriving at 07:26
  • the Coppet-Lancy-Pont Rouge line will run every 30 minutes until the trains stop for the night, on Fridays and Saturdays.

More on the 2011 train schedule changes, including improved service for some communes on the Lausanne-Geneva line.


  1. LLS says:

    This is SO ridiculous. It was absolutely FINE the way it was and I am shocked that in dear old Switzerland, where some things have remained relatively unchanged for over seven hundred years, that they thought this was necessary.