Zurich is now 126 metres tall

Switzerland's tallest building, the 36-sstorey Prime Tower in Zurich, December 2011

ZURICH, SWITZERLAND – Zurich’s Prime Tower opened officially 6 December in the increasingly trendy West Zurich area, and the skyline of the city is now officially 126 metres tall, where buildings are concerned.

The new tower is Switzerland’s highest habitable building, although it is due to be overtaken in 2015 by Basel’s new Roche tower, under construction, that will be 175m.

The Prime Tower at Maagplatz 3 has been completely rented to what the owners, Swiss Prime Site AG, call tenants from “mainly the upscale services sector”: 36 percent are financial firms, 44 percent legal and other services, 6 percent executive search companies. Chemicals and technology firms are 5 percent of the tenants and gastronomy and retail are 7 percent.

Clouds, a restaurant, bistro bar and lounge on the top floor, opens to the public 12 December.

The 36-storey, 40,000m2 tower has room for 2,000 workers (3,500 with all four buildings on the site), 250 parking places and a restaurant/bar  at the top, with a conference center on the second to the top floor.

Owners Swiss Prime Site invested CHF380 million for the site, which houses four buildings by Zurich architects Gigon/Guyer Architekten. It expects to have annual rent income of CHF29 million.

The Zurich West area, an old industrial zone that is being renovated, is expected to see the number of workers grow from 20,000 today to 30,000 by 2015, and the number of residents climb from 3,000 to 7,000, according to Swiss Prime Site.

The Hardbrücke railway station, which serves the area, is slated for renovation and expansion.


  1. john says:

    Hmmm, I live in the center of Zurich and I don’t even see it.
    And I guess that’s one of the nice things about the lay of the land here.

  2. Blumen says:

    We have a few clients just taken up occupancy in this new building and look forward to visiting them often