The Global Fund to change communications approach

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – The Global Fund will be looking for a new communications director, with Jon Lidén announcing his departure 13 February, reports IP Watch. Lidén had held the post for nearly 10 years, almost since the organization was created. The Global Fund is expected to have $10 billion to disburse worldwide for the three-year 2011-2013 period to fight Aids, malaria and tuberculosis,

The group has been under pressure for the past year, with some funding withdrawn and other funding commitments delayed after US media accusations of fraud that have been hotly debated. Lidén is quoted by IP Watch as saying in a memo to staff that he and the new general manager, Gabriel Jaramillo, have agreed “that for the new direction the communications work should be taking, the organization is best served by finding a new person to lead this work.

Jaramillo replaces the departing executive director, Michel Kazatchkine, who leaves in mid-March (IPW, Public Health, 25 January 2012) amid rumours that the United States was behind the change, according to IP Watch.