It’s HD day!

Online news offer is also improved as part of the new RTS tv/radio broadcasting services

ZURICH, SWITZERLAND – Swiss television and radio stations owned by the public broadcasting company SSR all have new logos 29 February to mark the convergence of radio and television into one national entity.

The change coincides with the arrival today of high-definition television in the country. Home TV viewers are likely to first notice, in many cases, that their channels have moved.

The new logos and names feature on re-designed web sites that combine radio and television: RTS in French, SRF in German, RSI in Italian and RTR in Romantsch. The new sites feature better access to TV and radio broadcasts.

Programming is gradually undergoing a number of changes, but the arrival of six television networks in high definition (HD),  out of parent company SSR’s eight networks, is a key move: prime time, sitcoms and dramas, co-produced documentaries, major prime time specials are now all HD. Standard broadcasting will continue in parallel for these networks until at least 2015 to give viewers three years to change their television sets.

Sports and news to follow, to complete the move to HD

The HD broadcasts have a visual and sound quality that is five times superior to that of standard broadcasts, according to RTS.

A disappointment for football fans who plan to tune in Wednesday night to the Swiss-Argentina match in Bern is that sports will get HD only 4 May.

RTS will become 100 percent HD in September 2014 when the news is added.

Information about HD and how to make changes to your settings are available in French, German and Italian (not English).