Geneva Auto Show, Chevy surprises

Chevy Volt-Go ahead, make my zero emissions day.

Chevy Volt-Go ahead, make my zero emissions day

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – No, this is not an infomercial and yes, for the first time in several years I found myself checking out Chevy’s new lineup, as I perused the wares at the 82nd Geneva Auto Show.

Chevy’s Volt, which premiered in 2009,  was awarded European Car of the year for 2012 based (partly at least) on its ability to travel nearly 60 km propelled solely by an electric engine, after which it can continue another 500+ km (numbers vary by usage and between US and EU ratings).

Plug 'n go Volt

Plug 'n go Volt

Sixty kilometers may not get you to grandma’s and back but consider that people in Switzerland “travel” an average 33 km per day. That translates into a lot of zero emission milk runs.

With a CHF50,000 base sticker price however, it may not fly off the shelves as Detroit is finding out, production has been temporarily suspended due to an overstock.

Chevy Spark struts its (diminutive) stuff

Chevy Spark struts its (diminutive) stuff

The real head turners at the Chevy exhibit however, were the Spark and Aveo pocket cruisers, and the Eco-friendly 7-seater family trucksters, Captiva and Orlando; Chevy and company seem to have found the New millennium formula for good looking, comfortable rides with reasonable power to efficiency ratios (at least on paper).

The Captiva sports a 184 horse 2.2 liter diesel engine that boasts a 6.6L/100 km fuel efficiency, while the Orlando LTZ with a 1.8 liter gas unit generating 140 horses is 10,000 francs less at CHF32,000. This can be swapped for a 130 horse diesel power-plant for an additional CHF4,000.

The latter will haul your wife and 5 kids plus luggage, burning a mere 6 liters per 100km!

The Chevrolet concept car, TRU 140s gave a welcome edge to the otherwise suburban nature of the exhibit, and, I couldn’t help but ogle the Camaro’s front end on my way out the door.

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