Four dead in Toulouse shooting spree at Jewish school (update)

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – Four students and an adult died Monday morning 19 March and five other people were injured when a gunman  on a scooter opened fire at the Ozar Hatorah Jewish school in the Roseraie district in Toulouse, France. The man has not been found and French officials suspect he may be the same person who shot and killed two soldiers Thursday 15 March in Montauban and another soldier 21 March in Toulouse. The weapon has been reported by some media to be of the same caliber but the stories appeared very shortly after the killings, the gunman and the weapon have not been found and police have not confirmed the information. The French public prosecutor said Monday during the day, however, that there are now “important elements” that appear to link the shootings.

French media are also reporting that the gunman had contact by Internet with one of his earlier victims and that police are carrying out cyber investigations linked to this.

French President Nicolas Sarkozy and Interior Minister Claude Guéant are flying to Toulouse during the day.

Links to other sources: in French: Figaro, Le Monde, TF1; in English: Reuters