Apple to refund iPads after misleading Australian buyers

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – Apple will email Australian buyers of its newest iPad models with an offer to refund their purchases after a consumer group sued the company for misleading advertising.

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission said Tuesday 27 March that the electronics giant misinformed consumers that the latest “iPad with wifi and 4G” will work in Australia, not the case because it is not compatible with either of the 4G networks available in the country.

A lawyer for the company, Colin Golvan, reportedly told an Australian court that Apple will notify consumers that the latest iPad is not compatible with Australian 4G LTE networks and WiMAX networks in the coming week.

On Wednesday afternoon Apple’s Australian website was still advertising its newest iPad as being 4G compatible. The iPad launched earlier in March in Australian stores.

Links to other sources: Aljazeera, Financial Times, Bloomberg, Sydney Morning Herald, Vancouver Sun, The West Australian