Swiss farmers Sebi and Paul do Geneva

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – Sebi Küttel and Paul Betschart, better known as Sebi and Paul, the two Swiss dairy farmers who will “do anything to make your perfect Swiss holiday” have brought their hayseed schtick to the City of Calvin and put it on video.

The pair, picked by the Swiss tourism department to be featured in diverse locales all over the country, let it all hangout at the Bains de Paquis, and visited some of the most famous Geneva landscapes (albeit they missed the Jet d’Eau and the Broken Chair).

I love Sebi and Paul, but don’t you think the producers got a little carried away trying to show the “fast ‘n furious” side of Geneva? Say, Chinese take-out and Tattoo parlors open after hours?

Still, it does the heart good to see a couple of – country mice going to “Sin City” – or better yet, Swiss woodchucks shopping for négligés at… Globus? Either way I’m a fan. And you?

Sebi and Paul do Geneva
















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