Gunmen kill 21 in separate church attacks in Nigeria

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – At least 21 people were killed in two separate attacks on Christian church services Sunday 29 April, in northern Nigeria.

In a first attack at a university campus in Kano, Nigeria’s second largest city, gunmen killed at least 16 worshippers congregating at a lecture hall, using explosives and gunfire, as people attempted to flee. A chapel in the city of Maiduguri was later attacked, and five people, including the pastor, were killed.

No one claimed responsibility for the attacks but the attacks resembled others carried out by the Boko Haram sect, which has used bombs and guns in previous attacks in Nigeria’s predominantly Muslim north and in the country’s capital, Abuja. Earlier victims have included Christians, Muslims and  government officials.

Officials claim the group has links with Al-Qaeda sympathizers including Islamist insurgents in northern Mali. In March Tuareg and islamists took control of northern Mali.

Links to other sources: The Guardian, CNN, Reuters, AP