Dollar and sterling happier, euro glum: SNB exchange rate data for 1 June

ZURICH, SWITZERLAND – The Swiss National Bank’s exchange rate tables for the past 16 months, updated 1 June, show the dollar bouncing back in May to the level it was at in December and January, in interbank trade, at CHF0.9377. The dollar remained below CHF0.93 during most of 2011.

The euro’s slide is clearly laid out. It has moved steadily downward from CHF1.2978 in April 2011 to CHF1.2012 at the end of May.

The British pound sterling has recovered from last summer’s lows: it was CHF1.4864 in March 2011, fell to a low of CHF1.2787 in August, then began to climb back steadily. The interbank rate was CHF1.4929 at the end of May 2012.