Swiss cantons reject treaty referendums, homebuyer help, managed care

Early, unofficial results show remarkably uniform national strong red “no” to all 3 federal vote items

All the cantons but Jura figure on the ceiling of the dome in the Swiss parliament building. Jura became a canton several years after the dome was made, and it is on a nearby wall

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – Party and language line differences appear to be taking a back seat for once, as the Swiss voting results come in for three items on the federal ballot 17 June.

Voting stopped at 11:00 and final, official results are likely to be known only Sunday evening, but polls done for Swiss public television are showing 17 out of 26 cantons voting “no” for all three items:

  • change to the health care law: the government’s proposed “managed care” health proposal
  • a popular initiative: savings help for future homebuyers
  • a popular initiative to put all international agreements to a vote by citizens.

All three are showing strong majorities against the ballot items.

RTS map showing results by canton and by ballot item.