Cryptic Crossword No 132, West End? by Chalicea

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The nine highlighted lights are all found in the same area. They are of a kind and have only word play in the clues; no definitions.


    1  Pace round indulged favourites (4)

    3  Re-designed it rashly (8, 2 words)

    9  Recent question indeed (7)

  10  Sounds healthy! (5)

  11  Organ’s ability to produce its own required chemicals, surprisingly first class in Portsmouth (12)

  13  About hilarious performance in old company in New York (6)

  15  Person informally, mega-fashionable (6)

  17  Unusually plain stripes in closely woven silk with dull finish (12, 2 words)

  20  Back of insect’s thorax – no stomach (5)

  21  Having an embarrassed face with sorrow once (7)

  22  Seal and send boxes (8, 2 words)

  23  Cross over entry (4)



    1  Zone in hardship (8)

    2  Bird’s a fool consuming drug (5)

    4  Old lady’s young lover, aggressive troublemaker turning up chasing sport (6, 2 words)

    5  Group of vertebrates wrongly produced by a childish typo, line missing (12)

    6  Rock plant found in disorderly asylums (7)

    7  Theoretic source of elements, strangely elmy (4)

    8  Cuts in mop-ups figuring in machines for raising fluids (12, 2 words)

  12  One French type of chilli pepper ready primarily to become unattached (8)

  14  He’s left in confusion, not turning up (7)

  16  Sci fi’s Earth inhabitant found in landlocked sea (6)

  18  Idly take tour (5)

  19  Man I like reveals colour (4)

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