Swiss animals in the news: Max and Enea

Max’s winter home (Photo, ©2012, Museum of Natural History, Fribourg, with Google Street View)

BASEL, SWITZERLAND – Enea, a 7-year-old gorilla born in Zurich but who joined the Basel Zoo in 2011, died 26 November following an infection.

The popular gorilla, who got along well with the other animals, was put to sleep when it became clear that she was in great pain and her health was worsening. The zoo placed her body out in the gorilla area during the night to allow the other gorillas to say goodbye to her.

An autopsy is being done to clarify the cause of her death.

Max’s winter home found

Another well-known Swiss animal, Max the stork, who has been tracked in the wild longer than any bird in the world, received a new transmitter earlier this year that has permitted the Museum of Natural History in Fribourg to follow her movements more precisely. This week the museum made the surprising discover that Max’s idea of the wild is a building in Madrid’s Vallecas neighbourhood that houses a veterinary and a computer shop, which she is using as her nighttime base. The museum says that thanks to Google Street View it found Max’s winter home.