Wintry weekend brings accidents to Swiss roads

Man dies in autoroute crash near Vevey; 13 accidents Sunday on same stretch

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – The arrival of winter, with colder temperatures, snow and ice, provoked a number of accidents in Switzerland Saturday 1 December and Sunday.

An Italian man died Sunday morning in a three-car accident on the A9 autoroute between Vevey and Chexbres, and 10 others, including his child and wife, were injured in the accident. The couple and their child were visiting relatives in the area.

A French driver, heading in the direction of Chexbres from Vevey on the A9 at 08:30 Sunday, lost control of his car and stopped in the emergency lane, but with the car partially in the right lane of the highway. He had two children with him. Shortly after, a 45-year-old Valais woman with two children in her car stopped to help. All four children were put in the second car and the woman set out an emergency triangle. A third car, with the Italian couple and their four-year-old son, also spun out of control and crashed into the two in the emergency lane. The driver, in his 30s, and his son, had to be cut out of the car; the man died at the scene of the accident.

The others were all taken to hospital to be treated for injuries, none of them life-threatening, and shock. The children are all ages four to eight.

Vaud police say another 10 accidents occurred on the Villeneuve to Chexbres stretch Sunday morning, but without injuries. Weather conditions clearly played a role or caused the accidents, with ice and snow on the road, according to police.

Thursday and Friday of last week saw a number of accidents due to the weather in the Bernese Jura area, and three serious accidents occurred in western Switzerland where pedestrians were hit, at least two while using crosswalks, including an accident 29 November at 07:55, where a 38-year-old Canadian was hit by a car. He was crossing the N1 Geneva-Lausanne highway at EPFL when he was hit by a 41-year-old French driver, who also lives in Ecublens. The victim was thrown several metres; police say his injuries are not life-threatening.

They are asking anyone who can clarify the circumstances surrounding the accident, in particular the exact spot where the car hit the victim, to contact them at +41 21 644 8400. The car involved was a green Alfa Romeo.