Indian Olympic National Committee handed ban by IOC

LAUSANNE, SWITZERLAND – The Indian Olympic Association (IOA) has been suspended by the IOC (International Olympic Committee) executive board at a two-day meeting in Lausanne, 4 December.

The suspension, says the IOC, is “due to its failure to comply with the Olympic Charter and its statutes, failure to inform the IOC in a timely matter, and as a protective measure against government interference in the IOA’s election process.”

The decision means that the IOA is not entitled to “exercise any activity or right, including financial support, conferred upon it by the Olympic Charter or the IOC until the suspension is lifted by the IOC Executive Board” and it may not hold any elections “until all pending issues are resolved and the EB decides to lift the suspension”.

The IOC had warned the IOA not to go ahead with elections where a “tainted” official was being allowed to run. The IOA nevertheless held its election Wednesday, after the IOC decision.

Reaction in India has been strong, but ranges from outrage to embarrassment: DNA India, The Hindu, Times of India,