Buried garden treasures

A trio of black-nosed sheep on the veranda?

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – There is no longer any doubt, winter is here to stay, and buried somewhere under a metre of fresh snow is my broccoli, that I was planning to stir-fry last Saturday night.

Question: by the time the snow melts down a couple feet, will my fresh-frozen but on the stalk broccoli be edible?

Probably not, but let’s see. Last year I harvested some celery that survived a dump of snow.

The view from the edge of the veranda – time for snowshoes!

I woke up Saturday to what appeared to be three black-nosed sheep on the edge of my veranda.

Sheep have wandered into the garden once or twice, but given the snowfall I was surprised. I put in my contact lenses and discovered they were my geraniums in pots.

I also discovered that if, for some reason, I want to go out to the swings or the raspberry bushes at the end of the garden I will need to put on snowshoes.

For now I’m happy to just admire nature’s gift of beautiful snow in the Swiss Alps.