Consumer alert: brebis cheese packs

Listeria has been found in some of these three-packs of Migros cheese: do not eat the product!

BERN, SWITZERLAND – Listeria has been found in some packs of cheese, “Briques de Jussac 3x60g” from Migros in Geneva, Vaud, Valais and Neuchatel-Fribourg, and consumers are advised not to eat the cheese. The packs contain brebis, chèvre, vache (sheep, goat, cow) cheeses. Sell-by dates on the packages are: 09.01.2013/12.01.2013/23.01.2013 and the item number is 2125.063.000.

Listeria can provoke health problems, in some cases prompting symptoms similar to those for the flu, with fever, headache and nausea.

Women who are pregnant or anyone with a weak immune system should consult a doctor if they have eaten the cheeses and show any of the symptoms, the federal health office says.

The cheese packs have been removed from shelves at the stores.