The Second Book of General Ignorance, John Lloyd & John Mitchinson

We were waiting for an overnight car ferry and this book, John Lloyd & John Mitchinson’s The Discreetly Plumper Second Book of General Ignorance (Now 13.51% more ignorant) caught my eye. Well who could resist such a title? It superbly passed the hours of queueing and I highly recommend it as a book you can dip into and be sure to enjoy.

You are a lady a little bit concerned about your increasing dimensions? You think that vertical lines on your garments make you look slimmer? Nope! That is one of the many misconceptions this book endearingly demolishes. According to research carried out at York University, it is stripes running across the body that make you look slim and lovely!

Does eating chocolate give you acne?  What happens if you leave a tooth in a glass of Coke overnight? How many wives can a Mormon have? How can you tell if someone’s pleased to see you? How do you milk a yak?  These and nearly two hundred other questions to which you think you know the answer are each given a page or two and the answers are sometimes very amusing but almost invariably surprising.

The back cover tells us that ‘The Second Book of General Ignorance‘ is the essential set text for everyone who’s proud to admit that they don’t know everything and an ideal stick with which to beat people who think they do.