Backcountry bliss at La Givrine

Poele Chaud & La Dole backcountry skiing Switzerland snow La Givrine Jared Bloch Poele Chaud & La Dole backcountry skiing Switzerland snow La Givrine Jared Bloch2LA GIVRINE, SWITZERLAND – OK, there are no wheels in this post. In fact, it’s all about the joy of pushing two planks up the side of a mountain through the evergreens… and the exhilaration of sailing down through fresh snow fields and open piste.

Poele Chaud & La Dole backcountry skiing Switzerland snowSince taking up backcountry skiing last year, I have decided there is no other way I’d rather fly through the snow.

Just back from the first ski outing of the year with my friend Jeremy; a two hour thirty minute ascent of the Poele Chaud peak adjacent to La Dôle (1,628m and 1,678m respectively).

From our perch at the weather station/hut at Poele Chaud we were able to take in the stunning vista of the Swiss Alps across the lake, appearing to rise from the foggy soup that is the Leman Basin.

Despite the balmy 5 and 6 degree weather we had been sweating through on the way up, the exposed face where fellow backcountry skiers and one snowboarder were dropping off, was verging on icy, and I appreciated the extra windshell I packed.

The trip down through the trees and carving heavy snow was a good trick after the workout climbing the backside of the peak.

We took it slow, popping out of the bindings and hoofing it where the trees were too close, the turns too tight and the drop too severe.

And half-an-hour later, we were headed down the piste with the chair-lift crowd, on our way home.

A good day by any measure.