Winter surprise: fresh frozen broccoli surfaces


Fresh-frozen garden broccoli, straight from a snowdrift! Ready for trimming and a 2-minute stir-fry


Short, quick cooking session gives us crunchy, flavourful garden green, a real January treat

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – Our family has just had a wonderful small surprise from the garden, broccoli that we assumed had died, reappeared and was perfect for a quick stir-fry.

The broccoli, along with some celery, fell victim to a metre of snow that was suddenly dumped on our mountain garden in November. Since then we’ve had some thaws, more snow and while the snow depth has diminished, we didn’t expect to see plants anytime soon.

The celery was a loss, at the edge of the garden, but a broccoli tip reappeared this weekend and when I gently dug around it I found some beautifully fresh-frozen little heads.

My garden isn’t so much dormant as on pause.

Even after trimming off not-ripe and frost-damaged bits I had enough for a quick two-minute stir-fry. No  additional flavours needed.