Longest period without US soldier death in six years

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – Thirty-two days have passed since the last death of a US soldier in combat, the longest period in six years, the Department of Defense says. A New Jersey news media group reports that “the lull in deaths comes as President Obama plans to bring some 34,000 troops home from Afghanistan within a year, just over half of the 66,000 still stationed in the region.”

The good news comes a month after the Pentagon announced a glum statistic, reported NBC News, that despite a suicide prevention programme in place since 2009, by the end of November “177 active-duty soldiers had committed suicide compared to 165 during all of 2011 and 156 in 2010. In all of 2012, 176 soldiers were killed in action — all while serving in Operation Enduring Freedom, according to DOD.”