Road safety: signal your roundabout intentions!


Roundabouts: signal your moves (and stay off your cell phone)

LAUSANNE, SWITZERLAND – Here’s the law: you are legally obliged to use your right turn signal when leaving a roundabout.

And while you are not required by law to use your left signal in a roundabout, it’s recommended, say canton Vaud police.

The Lausanne-based police department is launching a road safety campaign Tuesday 26 February to reduce the number of accidents due to failure to yield, or give the priority, particularly in roundabouts.

Failure to yield the right-of-way is the fourth cause of accidents in the canton, say police. Too few people observe good driving behaviour in roundabouts, they note, where using signals will not only increase safety but improve traffic flow.

The police campaign includes distributing posters and flyers on how to use roundabouts correctly.