Swiss population’s natural growth rate 6.5% lower than in 2011


Swiss family

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – More boys than girls were born in Switzerland in 2012, 105 boys to 100 girls, and the average age for childbearing continued to inch up, to 31.6 from 31.4 the previous year. The number of children born outside a marriage was 19.5 percent, well below the figure for France, 55 percent, or several Nordic countries, where the figure is well above 50 percent.

The statistics are part of the annual census figures released with the figures for natural population growth: births minus deaths. That figure rose by 17,500, a drop in growth of 6.5 percent comparred to 2011.

The number of marriages and official partnerships rose, with an increase in partnerships for the first time since 2007. Switzerland had 17,500 divorces in 2012, virtually identical to 2011.