Schwyz police hunt for 3 after avalanche

Unclear if group is missing

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – Police in canton Schwyz called out a team of two Rega helicopters, four avalanche dogs and 40 rescuers Sunday afternoon and evening 3 March 2013 to look for three people sighted as lost in an avalanche that struck the Laui area of the Fronalpstock. The rescuers, using the dogs, probes and receiving devices, found no signs of people after the 14:30 avalanche that covered a 50-metre wide and 200-metre long area.

Police had not received any reports of missing persons by 17:30, but said the search would continue until nightfall.

Avalanche danger likely to rise this week, with warmer weather

Alpenglow, dawn's first light over the Swiss Alps, harbinger of warmer weather

Alpenglow, dawn’s first light over the Swiss Alps, harbinger of warmer weather

The weather, which has been cold in the Alps for the past couple of weeks, suddenly warmed up Sunday and much warmer weather is expected throughout the mountains this week, says MeteoSwiss, with temperatures rising to 16C in Sion by Wednesday (low of 5C) and 7C in Crans-Montana and Zermatt.

Warmer weather brings with it the danger of Springtime avalanches, particularly wet avalanches in some areas as the day progresses. The Swiss Institute for Snow and Avalanche Danger issues daily bulletins and maps.