Police in region add new recruits

New police recruits at swearing-in ceremony in Lausanne

New police recruits at swearing-in ceremony in Lausanne

LAUSANNE, SWITZERLAND – Police in Geneva, Valais and Vaud all celebrated the arrival of new recruits in the past 10 days, with swearing-in ceremonies that mark the end of their one-year training programmes as uniformed cops on the beat (gendarmes) or plains-clothes detectives.

The ceremonies are attended by VIPs from the police world, where there is a growing amount of collaboration between police from different cantons, the army, border guards and other emergency services.

Vaud was the last of the three, Thursday, with 32 new gendarmes and 9 new detectives,  most of them in their early to mid-twenties.

Caroline, one of the detectives, told GenevaLunch that she planned to become a teacher, but when she finished her university studies, she wasn’t certain this was what she really wanted

She worked at another job for a while, but when a friend was caught in a gas station armed robbery and she went along for the police questioning sessions she suddenly realized this was the kind of personal contact job she really wanted.

Pomp and ceremony for the new cantonal police recruits and VIPS


Vaud Safety Minister Jacqueline de Quattro reviews the recruits in Lausanne: her tenure has been marked by a major project to coordinate cantonal police and local gendarmerie, following a highly political and well publicized battle between the heads of the two police units, whose resignations she obtained as part of a housecleaning in 2007. A year ago she stated that her priorities are cutting drug trafficking and cross-border crime.