Swiss Film Awards 2013 in Geneva

Swiss Film Awards nominees celebrate ©EddyMotion

Swiss Film Awards nominees celebrate ©EddyMotion

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – This week catch all the movies nominated for the Swiss Film Awards 2013 at the Grutli Theater for only CHF5 a movie; then attend the Swiss equivalent of the Oscars’ in one of the most beautiful buildings in Geneva, the Batiment de Forces Motrices.

Organizers say “originality, bravery, poetry and social commentary characterize the films selected for the [2013] Swiss Film Awards,” which will take place on 23 March in Geneva.

The QUARTZ Swiss Film Awards  – as it is officially known – takes place in a different city each year.

The awards are not only a way to recognize national talent, but also a means to promote Swiss filmmakers; the nominees receive between CHF5,000 and CHF25,000 each.

Among the nominees are Swiss heavyweights Ursula Meier, shortlisted as the Swiss entry for Best Foreign Language Film at the 2013 Oscar’s Academy Awards and Markus Imhoof, nominated for the same award in 1981. 

The movies can be viewed at the Grutli from 19-25 March.


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