ICRC given birthday gift of extra Headquarters funding

Swiss government also provides for hiring, training 150 new staff

This is how the new ICRC building in Satigny will look like - Photo Fipoi

Artists’ rendering of the new ICRC logistics building in Satigny- Photo Fipoi

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – The Swiss government, the second largest donor to the International Red Cross (ICRC), is giving the Geneva-based organization a special gift for its 150th birthday, a CHF70 million “Headquarters contribution” to enable the ICRC “to perform its challenging task in the service of those most severely affected by crisis and conflict. It is from the Headquarters in Geneva that the ICRC coordinates its missions with more than 80 delegations worldwide.”

Switzerland has also budgeted CHF44.5m for ICRC humanitarian operations in 2013.

It announced earlier this week that it will cover the cost 0f 150 new ICRC delegates to mark the organization’s anniversary, a contribution estimated at CHF18.2m over four years.