Goodbye GenevaLiving, Hello Ellen’s News World

gl_donate_200x200-5GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – It is getting closer, the moment to say “au re-voir“. Geneva Living, this blog which I have been writing since March 2009, is making a move!

I will still be writing about life in Geneva, but under GenevaLunch’s new platform, which begins 29 April. Expect major changes, though one thing will remain unchanged: great content.

GenevaLunch will continue to be a non-profit venture run by Ellen Wallace who started it back in 2006. Ellen is absorbing all costs to make this an even better website. I urge you to contribute to help this transition.

Donate anything you can: CHF10 or CHF10,000! The money will be used to enhance your experience and to pay for the move. We do not receive salaries for our work on this site.

Donate now!

Help us continue serving our great community!


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