Crossword No 156 by Chalicea

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND / BOOK MY PLACE, CROSSWORDS – If you prefer to work on the interactive version, click on this LINK. The clues are of the general knowledge type but the solutions have a feature in common.

Crossword No 156


    1  Small cake leavened with yeast (4)

    3  Colloidal extract of algae; used especially in culture media and as a gelling agent in foods (4-4)

    9  In a tedious manner (7)

  10  Cocaine (5)

  11  Tiresome, persistent or meaningless chatter (4,4,4)

  14  With the addition of (3)

  16  Snares (5)

  17  Farm in southern France (3)

  18  Pink paste made from fish roe and used as a dip for food (12)

  21  Unit of measurement for the proportion of gold in an alloy (5)

  22  Festival commemorating the announcement of the Incarnation by the angel Gabriel to the Virgin Mary; a quarter day in England, Wales, and Ireland (4,3)

  23  Medium-sized larch of Canada and northern United States including Alaska having a broad conic crown and rust-brown scaly bark (8)

  24  Snakes of southern Europe; similar to but smaller than the adder (4)



    1  United States songwriter noted for his protest songs (3,5)

    2  Took out the fillets (5)

    4  Bright and pleasant (3)

    5  Rugged offshore places in Australia (5,7)

    6  Old lady (7)

    7  Dissolute man of fashion (4)

    8  Practice fencing (4,2,6)

  12  Theatrical entertainment (5)

  13  All who (2,4,2)

  15  Drawing showing the relation between the parts (7)

  19  Yellow-fever mosquitos (5)

  20  Singing jazz; the singer substitutes nonsense syllables for the words of the song and tries to sound like a musical instrument (4)

  22  Resinlike substance (3)

Here is last week’s solution:

No 155 solution